About Synthetic and Artificial Turf for Backyard Putting Greens and Play Areas

Putting greens are becoming more popular as part of residential landscapes and multi-family complexes such as retirement communities. You might be confused about the number of options available, but a consultation with one of our certified installers can help you sort through those options. Regardless of the choices you make about your personal putting green, we guarantee that you will end up with a quality putting green you can enjoy for many years. Assuredly, a TourGreens putting green is the best investment you can make in your golf game as well as an excellent addition to your lifestyle.

Types of Synthetic and Artificial Turf

The best synthetic turf and professional installers

The first step in installing a home putting green is deciding whether you want a synthetic grass putting green or a real grass one. Next, you must decide if you want a do-it-yourself project or to have your backyard putting green professionally installed. Designing, installing, and maintaining a home putting green is complicated and time-consuming, particularly for real grass greens. A professional installer will have the expertise and experience to make designing and installing your personal putting green an easy and rewarding experience.

A professional putting installer will offer a variety of turf options. The installer should guarantee the turf and the installation for its intended use. Putting is the most common use, but other uses for synthetic turf include outdoor games such as croquet, soccer, and bocce ball. A certified installer should be able to guide you in your choice and answer any questions you have about artificial, synthetic or natural grass putting greens and play areas. Here are your turf choices:

  • TourGreens Bent 5 – This is a 1-inch pile polypropylene, sand-filled synthetic turf. It’s ideal for basic putting greens, bocce courts, and croquet courts.
  • TourGreens Bent 8 – This is one of the most popular synthetic turf. It is an in-filled turf with a 1-3/8 inch pile that’s excellent for all shot applications. It accepts pitch, chip, and long-range shots as well as any non-synthetic putting green played on the PGA Tour. Want it uncomfortably slow? How about lightning fast? You are in control. You can adjust the speed of this green from 8 to 14 on the Stimp meter.
  • TourGreens Bent 10 – This nylon (not in-filled) turf is very popular for indoor sports applications. It can also be installed outside for those who just want a simple synthetic putting green in their backyard. This turf is great for putting courses, because it’s virtually maintenance free.
  • TourGreens Fringe – This 1-3/4 inch polyethylene, sand-filled turf is used with TourBent 8. It is a fantastic complement around your green. It allows you to practice your pitch and chip shots without taking divots out of your backyard.
  • TourGreens Tee – This is the best championship tee material available anywhere. This 2-inch pile polypropylene turf has been installed at some of the top golf clubs and collegiate short game facilities in the country. There is simply no comparison.
  • TourGreens Lawn – This is one of the newest synthetic turfs. Your lawn can look like one of the finest fairways at Augusta National 365 days a year. Here’s the catch—you don’t have to cut it, water it, edge it, fertilize it, aerate it, de-thatch it, weed it, or overseed it. This product is in very high demand for artificial soccer and lacrosse fields, and it is used in many playground applications.
  • Natural grass – In addition to synthetic putting green surfaces that mimic natural grass greens, professional putting green installers can also design and install real grass putting greens for estate-type residential properties that have the capacity to maintain them. You may also want to ask your installer for a recommended professional maintenance services to ensure that your grass putting green always looks and plays its very best.

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