Install a tournament-quality putting green in your own backyard!

The legendary Arnold Palmer once said, "It's a funny thing...the more I practice, the luckier I get."

Putting makes up about 40 percent of your golf game, so the best way to cut strokes off your handicap is to practice your short game. Where else is putting practice more convenient than in your own backyard?


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Things to keep in mind before installing an artificial putting green

What type of turf is best for my backyard putting green?

For the highest quality and most realistic playing surfaces, we recommend TourGreens synthetic turf products:

  • TourGreens Bent 5 – Ideal for basic putting greens, bocce courts, and croquet courts.
  • TourGreens Bent 8 – Excellent for all shot applications. It accepts pitch, chip, and long-range shots as well as any non-synthetic putting green played on the PGA Tour.
  • TourGreens Bent 10 – Popular for indoor sports applications or a simple synthetic putting green.
  • TourGreens Fringe – Used with TourBent 8. It enables you to practice your pitch and chip shots without taking divots out of your backyard.
  • TourGreens Tee – The best championship tee material available anywhere. It is installed at some of the top golf clubs and collegiate short game facilities in the country.
  • TourGreens Lawn – One of the newest synthetic turfs. Your lawn can look like one of the finest fairways at Augusta National, 365 days a year. This product is in very high demand for artificial soccer and lacrosse fields, and is used in many playground applications.
  • Natural grass – The most realistic putting surface you can get, short of being at the golf course.

What features do I want my home putting green to have?

Whether you are practicing putting, chipping, pitching or approach shots, your backyard putting green shouldn't be a one size fits all. Also, no matter what type of putting green you design, landscaping around the green should be considered along with the installation of your putting green. Great landscaping will ensure that your home golf green looks as though it has been in your backyard all along. Some other things to consider when planning your green include:

  • Specialty gardens to make your home putting green even more beautiful.
  • Bunkers to make your practice time more challenging.
  • Water hazards.
  • Undulations, contours, false fronts, visual intimidation, and the hardest to read putts.

How can I find a qualified putting green installer?

If you are ready for a no obligation backyard putting green consultation, or if you need more information about designing the right home putting green for you, then please call or send us an e-mail. Contact Us

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